Dushanbe International Airport Upgrade


The ACH Holding LLC, professional aviation consultancy and engineering company broadened its activities out of Mongolia. The company is involved in the Dushanbe International Airport (DIA) Modernization Project, funded under the Japanese Grant Aid.

Probably, it is the first time in civil aviation field when Mongolian company exported its skills, resources out of Mongolia. We glad to be a pioneer.

Broad experience, relatively short but excellent history, engineering capability, past positive references characterizes ACH as responsible, professional and competent partner.

ACH Holding LLC received an invitation for cooperation from the M’s Corporation Co., Ltd, the Japanese company selected by the JICA, to implement the project.


The team managed by Mr.MUNKHJARGAL Bavuudorj, ACH General Manager, professional aerodrome engineer, worked on site from June, 2016 until March, 2017, i.e. project completion and commissioning. Thanks to his skill, experience, project organization and close cooperation with DIA, the project is implemented on schedule and within the budget.

Project General Briefly

The Republic of Tajikistan is a landlocked country surrounded by four countries, namely, Kyrgyz, China, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan and has a population of 7.99 million. Tajikistan’s land area is 142,600 km2, and 93% of the land is mountainous. The capital is Dushanbe, which is located in the western area. It has 10% of the country’s population, and is the center of economy, social activities and administration. Dushanbe International Airport (DIA) is located 6 km south of the center of Dushanbe City.

The Government of Tajikistan considered necessity of enhancement of aviation services. Developments of airport facility and air navigation system were evaluated as a core task which will able to secure economic growth of Tajikistan.

The Project

The Project aims to upgrade aircraft departure/landing safety and efficiency, and air cargo handling efficiency at Dushanbe International Airport (DIA), which is the core of air transportation in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Because there is only one instrument landing system (ILS) in the west side of the runway, flight cancellation and delay often occurs at DIA due to the frequent occurrence of dense fog.  It is an urgent issue to install the necessary air navigation system for safe flight operations.

Under such conditions, the Tajikistan Government requested Japan for Grant Aid to procure and install an air navigation system.

  • Instrument Landing System (ILS)           - 1 set,
  • Precision Approach Lighting System (PALS) - 1 set

This project aims to upgrade the air traffic safety in order to contribute to the realization of air transportation by modernizing the air navigation facilities.

The Works shall be executed at DIA under the Japan's Grant Aid.

Scope of Works

The ACH Holding LLC works include design, installation and commissioning of:

  • lnstrument Landing System (ILS) for DIA runway 27;
  • Aeronautical Ground Lights (AGL) for DIA runway 27.

Project Site

The Project Site is located at Dushanbe International Airport (DIA) as shown in related drawings.


Installation works are performed not adversely affecting normal operations of Dushanbe International Airport for duration of the project.

Flight Test

The ACH is contracted the Air Control, Kazakhstan, one of the few in the world and only airline company in Central Asia, specializing in the implementation of unique aviation operations, for flight test of ILS and AGL.


Instrument Landing System (ILS)

Installed System

The ILS system installed at the DIA is:

  • Localizer NM 7013B, 2-Frequency,
  • NORMARC 7212C 12-Element Localizer Antenna System,

  • Glide Path, NM 7033B GP 2-Frequency,
  • Glide Path antenna array, NM 3545 M-Array GP, and
  • DME, LDB-103 DME 100W


The system is the product of the INDRA NAVIA AS, Norway, one of the world leading suppliers with leading edge communication, navigation, and surveillance technology.


Installation works at Localizer Sites for DIA Runway 27 include:

  • Installation of concrete foundation for Localizer Antenna System,
  • Installation of Localizer Antennas, including steel structure for antenna support with obstruction lights,
  • Installation of Localizer near field monitor antenna with foundation,
  • Installation of container type equipment shelter with concrete foundation. The shelter is able to accommodate LLZ equipment and equipped with two sets of air conditioning equipment with at least 3kW capacity, fire alarm, door sensor and obstruction light,
  • Installation of Localizer  equipment  and Remote  Control Wireless  System  in the equipment shelter,
  • Cabling (coaxial, control and power).

Installation works at Glide Path/DME Sites for DIA runway 27 include:

  • Installation of concrete foundation for Glide Path antenna mast,
  • Installation of Glide Path antennas and DME antenna with obstruction lights on the antenna mast,
  • Installation of Glide Path monitor antenna with obstruction light,
  • Installation of container type equipment shelter with concrete foundation. The shelter is able to accommodate GP equipment and equipped with two sets of air conditioning equipment with at least 3kW capacity, fire alarm, door sensor and obstruction light
  • Installation of Glide Path equipment, DME equipment and Remote Control Wireless System in the equipment shelter,
  • Cabling (coaxial, control and power).

Installation works at monitor room in the Monitor Building include:

  • Installation of following Remote Control and Monitoring System at monitor room:
    • Remote Maintenance Monitoring System for runway 27 and 09,
    • Remote Control and Status Unit for runway 27 and 09,
    • Localizer Interlock System,
    • Remote Control Wireless System for LLZ and GP/DME,
  • Installation of antenna for Remote Control Wireless System on the existing 09 Glide Path antenna mast,
  • Cabling (coaxial, control and power).

Installation works at Control Tower include:

  • Installation of ILS Status Unit for runway 27,
  • Cabling (coaxial, control and power) in the Control Tower.

Aeronautical Ground Lights

Installed system, equipment

Following system, equipment are installed:

  • Precision Approach Lighting System (PALS) for DIA runway 27:
  • Approach high-intensity, unidirectional inset light, type FAP-1-300-C-O-I-1, 52 pcs,
  • Approach high-intensity, unidirectional inset light, type FAP-1-300-C-R-I-1, with right toe-in, 8 pcs,
  • Approach high-intensity, unidirectional inset light, type FAP-1-300-C-L-I-1, with left toe-in, 8 pcs,
  • Approach high-intensity unidirectional elevated light, type UEL-1-150-C-2-Y-0, 68 pcs.
  • Runway Threshold Lights (RTHL) for DIA runway 27:
  • Threshold high-intensity unidirectional inset light, type FTH-1-200-G-O-I-1, 22 pcs.
  • AGL Panel,
  • AGL Cable,
  • Engine Generator (10 kVA) for ILS           : 2 sets,
  • FG Wilson P22-6
  • Engine Generator (100 kVA) for AGL           : 1 set
  • FG Wilson P110-6

The AGL system is supplied from ADB Airfield Solutions, Belgium, a world-leading airfield technology company, providing end-to-end, integrated and sustainable solutions for visual guidance including airfield lighting and airport lighting.


The following works are carried out:

  • Dismantling of existing SALS-Simple Approach Lighting System,
  • Installation of Precision Approach Lighting System for runway 27,
  • Installation of Runway Threshold Lights for runway 27,
  • Installation of  two  sets  of  CCR  for  lighting  system  in  the  new substation,
  • Installation of AGL Control & Monitoring Panel in the new substation,
  • Installation of engine generator system (100kVA) in the new substation,
  • Cabling (control and power) between all relevant lights, CCRs, AGL Control & Monitoring Panel and engine generator system.

Civil Work

Civil work for the installation of ILS and AGL system include:

  • Installation of cable duct between existing substation and new substation, and install fiber optic cable with necessary interface equipment,
  • Trenching and backfilling for the cable duct,
  • Manufacturing and installation of concrete man- and hand-holes for the cabling,
  • Cabling (control and power) between AGL Control & Monitoring Panel, interface equipment and existing AGL equipment.